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100% renewable EV charging. Our diverse products include full-scale stations, mobile units


H2 Now, Inc. dba Clean Energy Now
100% Off Grid EV Fast Charging and Mini Grid Solutions  
Over 50 years of professional, engineering experience 

Overview of Clean Energy Now

Founded by a disabled veteran and sustainability advocate, we understand the importance of national security, energy independence, and accessibility to cost-effective energy.


H2 Now Inc. dba Clean Energy Now partners with local businesses, governments, and tribal organizations to provide tailored renewable solutions that reduce carbon footprints, provide grid independence, support the transportation industry, and minimize the cost of energy.


Our designs feature 100% carbon-neutral options to support our goals for a sustainable ecosystem and provide a focus on rural, disadvantaged, and prior energy communities.


Our team of experts brings over 50 years of experience within the renewable and conventional energy sector and can provide:

  • Mobile/transportable EV charging stations and hydrogen fueling stations perfect for emergency response

  • Long-duration energy storage systems

  • 100% renewable energy mini-grids,

  • 100% off-grid Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) charging and H2 fueling stations

  • Retrofitting/upgrading existing fueling infrastructure with efficient EV charging and Hydrogen fueling capability.

Core Competencies

Renewable Energy

Modular and highly deployable energy pods for EV charging, emergency power, and hydrogen fueling stations

Turnkey EV Charging &
Hydrogen Fueling Stations

100% Green, Off-Grid (island mode) power plants for H2 fueling, EV charging, and DC/DC production

Long-duration energy storage and management systems

Hydrogen production & distribution for the transportation industries

Engineering and Design for
Renewable Energy

  • Provide transportable and self-contained EV charging and H2 fueling stations for emergency response and in challenging locations

  • Provide 100% renewable energy EV charging & H2 fueling stations

  • Provide safe, long-duration energy storage and management systems

  • Retrofit existing infrastructure to provide EV charging and hydrogen fueling capabilities

  • PPA from 100% renewable energy

  • Site assessment and analysis for renewable energy projects

  • Disabled veteran-owned with focus on national security and energy independence.

  • Our headquarters are located near Oak Ridge National Labs in Tennessee and can quickly turn around research, services, and product requests.

  • Our staff is familiar with clean energy, including renewables such as hydrogen and nuclear power.

  • Our unique modular stations are perfect for emergency response and remote areas where you need alternative EV charging and Hydrogen fueling solutions.

Place of Performance

Domestic USA/International

Primary NAICS Codes

221114 – Solar Electric Power Generation

325120 – Industrial Gas Manufacturing

Secondary NAICS Codes

36999904 – Grids, electric

541715 – Research and Development

DUNS: 1189766010


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