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100% renewable EV charging. Our diverse products include full-scale stations, mobile units

Modular & Transportable

Our modular clean energy production, fueling, and storage plants are transportable and scalable to quickly provide electrical power, hydrogen fueling, and EV charging capabilities anywhere they are needed, especially in remote locations.

These units are perfect for:

  • Emergency disaster response

  • Off-grid operations

  • Completing a mission or job safely and successfully with energy independence 

Upgrades & Retrofits

We upgrade existing infrastructure fueling sources like truck stops and gas stations to provide renewable energy (production, storage, and dispensing) and EV charging stations. Additionally, our upgrades make any existing fueling station more

environmentally friendly by adding renewable energy sources, such as solar, to reduce their carbon footprint.

Design & Build

Partner with us to design and build your renewable energy project. Whether you need a full scale, 100% renewable hydrogen fueling and EV charging station, or a small, self-sustained modular unit to provide hydrogen and EV charging at your remote location, our designs are completely scalable to meet your needs. Our engineering team will work with you to evaluate your situation and scale our designs to meet your needs.

Maintenance & PPA Services

Let us take care of your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) needs on your existing renewable energy plants or design a new renewable energy mini-grid for energy independence through a PPA. Our staff will evaluate your needs and provide solutions to support your renewable energy goals.

The Clean Energy Now system is completely independent and allows for:

  • ​​Decoupling from commodity price fluctuations and reliance on the grid infrastructure
  • Placement anywhere there is land/water/sun, regardless of local infrastructure
  • Substantial improvement in overall system efficiency
  • Streamlined systems providing substantial reduction in project risks
  • Standard plant designs that can be quickly modified for site specific needs
  • 99% total autonomous options (minimal onsite staffing)
  • Allows for production and distribution of both hydrogen fueling and EV charging to rural communities regardless of infrastructure or supporting utilities
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